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'The Effect'

immersive theatre

October 2020

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Hope Synth Laboratories invite you to witness a live clinical trial testing the very latest developments in psycho-pharmacology. Join our expert team Dr Lorna James and Dr Toby Sealey at a state of the art live-in testing facility. Here brave volunteers Connie and Tristan trial our innovative antidepressant medication with potentially life changing results.

Warning! Effects of the medication may include:

- Racing hearts, lost appetites, lack of sleep and erratic emotions
- Formation of illicit relationships
- Questioning the ethics of the pharmaceutical industry
- Falling in love

director: Carol Hayes

assistant director: Daniel Neil Ash

written by: Lucy Prebble

cast: link

sound design: Karl Heding

light design: Igor Halicki


produced by: Copenhagen Theatre Circle in collaboration with Assemble Theatre Collective

venue: Krudttønden, Copenhagen

photography: Laura Ioana Voinescu

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