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set of three short plays

February 2019

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Spaces is a collection of three shorter plays: one classical comedy, one modern tragicomedy and one drama, that loosely share the theme of how humans are shaped and can be driven to extremes by their environment.

King Arthur’s Socks
Set in the 20s. Nobody understands why the clever and beautiful Guenevere sits and darns her husband’s socks. Two women come and confess their love for the handsome Lancelot, but they’re unaware of Guenevere’s own feelings…

Bin Juice
After meeting a nice girl online and agreeing to meet up, Axel was looking forward to a night of uncomplicated fun. Little does he know that he’s entering into an environment of pent-up frustrations and girls eager to put their pepper spray to use… A tragicomedy about the blurred boundaries of assault and the importance of feeling uncomfortable.

The Waiting Room
What happens to us after we die? Six souls enter into a waiting room and are presented with a choice. They have no memory of their past lives, only the core of who they are… A drama about struggle, pain & rebirth.

director: Marley Hasselbach (King Arthur's Socks & Bin Juice);

  Piper McKenzie (The Waiting Room)

assistant director: Anastasia Floka

cast and crew: link
production coordination: Ika Forsting & Cecile van Sambeek

production support: Florian Leyhausen
set design: Carlos Manns & Heidy Fu
sound design: Alan Linn

light design: Igor Halicki

produced by: CBS Theatre

venue: Teaterhuset, Copenhagen

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