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December 2019
professional internship at Den Danske Scenekunstskole

Cain is angry at his father. Cain is angry at his mother. Cain is angry at his brother because his brother is not angry enough. Cain has not asked to be born and Cain cannot understand why his parents put him into this world. In a world that his parents have ruined.

Why should he be punished for their mistakes?

Now Cain must live his all life on that barren earth, just outside the Garden of Paradise.

Would it be better just to put end to all of it?

In the Romantic period, Lord Byron retold the myth of Cain into an epic travelogue, in which Cain travels with a stranger from Earth, through Space, to Hades. Only to return home even more desperate than before.

And we all know the ending. 

director: Kristoffer Lundberg

written by: Lord Byron (adapted by Kristoffer Lundberg and Katinka Hurvig Møller)

cast: Jonathan Bergholdt Jørgensen, Thomas Kristian Bek, Emilie Rasmussen

scenography: Aleksandra Laura Lewoń

light design: Igor Halicki


produced by: Den Danske Scenekunstskole

venue: Den Danske Scenekunstskole, Copenhagen

the event: link

photography: Emma Svendsen

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