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light installation
February 2023

hook-Up is a series of visualisations, each of which representing a region of the world. They have been generated based on data, which details how many people have constant access to stable electricity connection.


In countries like Denmark, it might be hard even to imagine life without stable electricity; in other places, it is an everyday situation in millions of households. ‘hook-Up’ is a generative art piece depicting the differences in access to electricity in various places around the globe. Nine abstract motion graphics display accessibility in Europe, North America, Latin America, Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, Arab World, Hindu World, Far East and South-East Asia. The aesthetics reference local colors and patterns, while the smoothness of movement portrays the hook-up percentage of a specific area. The piece is an invitation to reflect upon the issue unknown in Europe, even in times when everybody talks about energy savings and its price.

design: Igor Halicki

organised by: Copenhagen Light Festival

venue: Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen

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