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'Harry Clarke'


February 2021 (Huset-KBH) live stream

October 2020 (Bøssehuset)

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A mesmerising one-man show from 2017, and a huge hit in New York, Harry Clarke is an 80 minute drama experience about sex, alter-egos and identity, and the dangers of attempting to lead an outrageous double life, in the style of such appealing hits as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or The Talented Mr. Ripley.

This sexual, biographical thriller follows young American barista Harry – or is it Philip? –  who escapes to the bright lights of New York from the American Midwest, and re-invents himself using an alter-ego as an Englishman, accent and all.
We follow breathlessly Harry’s attempts to re-invent in this way his own (real?) timid self, to escape a cruel, abusive childhood, a now dead, alcoholic, homophobic father and overwhelmed dying mother. We watch Harry con his way into a series of amorous adventures with New York high society, all in the hands of just one actor in a theatre, playing 19 personalities, in a masterful range of accents and flashbacks. This is a play that has the audience believing what was never really there and praying despite the fear, that  you can be whoever you want to be.

directed by: Joseph Sherlock

written by: David Cale

starring: Jody Fish

sound design: Karl Heding

light design: Igor Halicki

stage manager: Lakeisha Salto

produced by: Down the Rabbit Hole
presented by: House of International Theatre 

venue: Huset-KBH & Bøssehuset, Copenhagen

photography: Benny Thaibert

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