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'Aurelia's Waltz'

November 2022 (Dansekapellet)

A neoclassical ballet about sacrificing the most precious thing you own.

When the sun is enveloped by the dark night, Aurelia will appear as a fleeting vision in the sky and with her, as the morning approaches, she takes another body.

Full recording of pre-premiere show.

choreographed by: Sarah Louise Kristiansen

soloist: Alice Oakley-Jones

ensemble: Ruth Rebekka Hansen, Nikoline Gervang Heimburger, Giorgia Reitani, Nikoline Due

aspirants: Míriam Maach Enguita, Eszter Rápolthy, Maria Solei Järvet, Olatz Egia

composed by: Jonathan Fletcher

light & projection design: Igor Halicki

light technician: Igor Halicki with Peter Bodholdt Løkke

AI design: Pietro Arin

produced by: Copenhagen International Arts Collective
venue: Dansekapellet

photography: Bahadir Badi Berber

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