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'An Inspector Calls'

play adaptation

April 2019

“An Inspector Calls is traditionally set in a formal, stuffy dining room in 1912. For this production, I was keen to do something very different. I move it away from its historical position anchored in the years leading up to the First World War, and instead bring it into a timeless setting that adopts a mixture of aesthetics: modern – in terms of the geometrical set and the specific accents used (the capitalist Birling family will be talking in the distinctive twang of the heartlands of the Alt Right: the American Deep South); and ancient – in the classical cult-like costumes designed to enhance the mystery of the piece. It will – I trust – be unlike any An Inspector Calls you’ve seen before … but just as intriguing!”

director: Jack Wake-Walker

written by: J.B. Priestly

cast and crew: link

produced by: Copenhagen Theatre Circle

venue: Krudttønden, Copenhagen

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